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Right now, at this moment, the Earth with you on it is spinning on its axis at close to a thousand miles an hour.

Today alone, you will travel over a million miles while screaming through space at 67,000 miles an hour.

This year, filled with celebrations, holidays, workweeks and weekends, birthdays, graduations, good times and hard times, you will travel 584 Million miles around the Sun.

The question for you is simple; how will you spend this time? As we kick off this new series, Pastor Louie Giglio implores you not to let yourself slip into a place where you miss out on the extraordinary and let this year pass you by.

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It's easy to feel unseen. In a room alone, or an arena full of thousands, we've all felt insignificant; as if no one notices us at all. This week we heard from three people who in those same moments found that they were never alone. Jesus, the God who sees, was right there guiding them towards Himself with a plan, and a purpose.

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This Christmas Eve message from Pastor Louie Giglio was a reminder that even amidst all of the chaos of the world, there is power in the simplified story of Christmas!

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In the final week of our ANCHOR series, Pastor Louie Giglio wants us to remember that Worship is our response to God, because of Who He is and what He has done. We were all created to worship, and if we don't choose to worship God, we will find ourselves worshipping something that in the end cannot fulfill our purpose here on Earth.

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Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong NYC challenged us with three specific ways to live with the mindset of a page-turner. Let’s remember: fewer fingers pointing outward + more thumbs pointing inward. Only Jesus can change people. It’s not about us changing people, it’s about US changing.

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In the final week of our ANCHOR series, Pastor Louie Giglio reminds us that although we won't always feel like worshiping, and although there will be difficult times ahead, worship is ALWAYS the right response to a nail-pierced Jesus holding open the door to Heaven.

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In Week Three of our ANCHOR Series, Pastor Loue Giglio reminds us that Radical Grace always flips the script.

Mercy is new and available for each of us every single day; so say goodbye to guilt and let your response be gratitude and WORSHIP!

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Sin does not make us bad, sin makes us spiritually dead.

This is not a statement he makes for shock value. No, it is a reality we find throughout Scripture. As humans, we have a sin problem. This problem has plagued us from the very beginning (see Genesis 3).

However, God so loved us, that he paved a way for the relationship that sin tore apart to be bridged in the person of Jesus. We who were once dead because of sin, have been made alive by Christ—that is Radical Grace!

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We were created for something so much bigger than ourselves, being invited into the grand story of God. We were made in His image and for His glory.

In the first week of our new Series, ANCHOR, Pastor Louie Giglio dives into the first of our three anchors; that our lives are best when poured out for the Glory of God.

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Revival comes at a cost. This week, Pastor Levi Lusko reminds us that although God is fully capable of creating a revival, He has invited us to pour ourselves fully into His mission; bringing our own sacrifices in order to see the World come to know Jesus.

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