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Astronaut Shane Kimbrough has had a perspective that few people in history have ever beheld. He has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, flown at mind-numbing speeds, and sat in the stillness of space above the Earth reading God's Word aloud on Christmas morning.

Through it all, Shane's perspective, his faith, has remained resolute. There is an incredible creator who not only formed the Earth that Shane orbited for six months, but who sacrificed Himself on that very same planet or all of us. This is the perspective of a Jesus follower. That all around us is evidence we serve an Extraordinary God who has an extraordinary purpose for each of us.

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One time around the sun, 584 Million mile journey, what will be the banner over your journey this year? Will it be said about you that you grew in wisdom and stature?

God has gifted you with opportunity, ability, and experience. This can be the year where you put them together for the Glory of God, or, another year can just pass by as they are so prone to do. So you have to decide, how will you steward what God has given you in 2018?

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What would it take for an invitation to wow you these days? With all of the access we have to entertainers, celebrities, and icons via social media, what invitation would seem worth it to interrupt your daily life?

Most of us would jump at an opportunity to meet our favorite actor or athlete, and yet we barely give attention to the greatest invitation that has and will ever come across our desk. The God of the Cosmos is inviting you today, not just to know Him (although that alone would be a miracle) but to walk with Him daily. To hear His heart, to learn from His wisdom, to align your life with His vision of it.

The invitation is on the table.

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We are amazingly small and undeniably significant. Need proof?

The sheer size of our sun, an average star in an average galaxy, is evidence enough of our smallness. In comparison, the fact that the One who breathed out that very star chose to give His life on the Cross is overwhelming confirmation that we are significant in the eyes of Almighty God.

As we continue our journey around the Sun, we can take comfort in our smallness, in our significance, and in the fact that God has a plan and a purpose for each of us; to worship Him in all of His wonder. Afterall, if the stars were made to worship, then so will we.

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Right now, at this moment, the Earth with you on it is spinning on its axis at close to a thousand miles an hour.

Today alone, you will travel over a million miles while screaming through space at 67,000 miles an hour.

This year, filled with celebrations, holidays, workweeks and weekends, birthdays, graduations, good times and hard times, you will travel 584 Million miles around the Sun.

The question for you is simple; how will you spend this time? As we kick off this new series, Pastor Louie Giglio implores you not to let yourself slip into a place where you miss out on the extraordinary and let this year pass you by.

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It's easy to feel unseen. In a room alone, or an arena full of thousands, we've all felt insignificant; as if no one notices us at all. This week we heard from three people who in those same moments found that they were never alone. Jesus, the God who sees, was right there guiding them towards Himself with a plan, and a purpose.

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This Christmas Eve message from Pastor Louie Giglio was a reminder that even amidst all of the chaos of the world, there is power in the simplified story of Christmas!

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In the final week of our ANCHOR series, Pastor Louie Giglio wants us to remember that Worship is our response to God, because of Who He is and what He has done. We were all created to worship, and if we don't choose to worship God, we will find ourselves worshipping something that in the end cannot fulfill our purpose here on Earth.

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Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong NYC challenged us with three specific ways to live with the mindset of a page-turner. Let’s remember: fewer fingers pointing outward + more thumbs pointing inward. Only Jesus can change people. It’s not about us changing people, it’s about US changing.

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In the final week of our ANCHOR series, Pastor Louie Giglio reminds us that although we won't always feel like worshiping, and although there will be difficult times ahead, worship is ALWAYS the right response to a nail-pierced Jesus holding open the door to Heaven.

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