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Are you standing in the middle of a miracle? Christine Caine shares with us that often times it is in our greatest storms that God reveals to us His greatest purposes. 

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Listen in as Pastor Louie Giglio asks Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale some of the hard questions about faith and following Jesus, using questions asked by the people of Passion City Church.

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Pastor Brad Jones comes around the idea that in order to free ourselves from the trap of comparison we must choose to hear what our Heavenly Father has to say about us once again.

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Pastor Aaron Coe encourages us to lean into where God has led us because He has a plan, and a purpose, for us there. 

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We were incredibly honored on Sunday to hear from Dr. Charles Stanley and Andy Stanley as they sat down with our Pastor Louie for a conversation on faith and faithfulness. It was encouraging, challenging and hilarious watching these three share the stage together.

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It's time for us to walk in victory today! To stop living with less when Christ has come to give you more. It's time for the giant of complacency to fall!

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As we kick off our 5ALIVE series, Pastor Levi Lusko shares a powerful message about perception, perseverance, and faith no matter the circumstances life brings our way.

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