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Passion City Church Podcast

Oct 29, 2017

Dave Ramsey // Money won’t make you happy. Money will make you more of what you are. There’s a cause and effect with how we manage our money. This week, our friend Dave Ramsey shares five basic things with our House on how to handle money from a Biblical perspective.


Oct 22, 2017

Pastor Louie Giglio // We are all looking to make a difference, to step into the places God has called us and be a part of something worthy of the title Revival. But where do we start? Where does revival really begin?
In the last part of our series, Still Standing, Pastor Louie Giglio leaves us with four questions we...

Oct 15, 2017

Pastor Louie Giglio // When things were on the decline, Habakkuk prayed. May that be our first response to whatever comes our way...

“in wrath, remember mercy.” 

Oct 8, 2017

Pastor Louie Giglio // No circumstance is going to define your future. With the promises of God in your heart and the sword of His Word in your hand, you can climb to the heights with confidence that God is in control.


Join us this week as Pastor Louie takes us through a practical bible study in Habakkuk. 

Oct 1, 2017

In week two of our series, Still Standing, we learn about how arming ourselves with the armor of God allows us to climb, and stand atop, the heights we've been called to no matter what comes our way.